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Insurance for Professional Offices in Iowa

Insurance for Professional Offices in Iowa
West Bend Independent Agent
West Bend's Professional Offices policies provide you with the best coverage for your medical office, accounting service, travel agency, trade association, counseling service, and dozens of other similar businesses. It's part of our SMARTbusiness™ program which was designed to provide thousands of businesses with the flexibility to create insurance programs tailored to their specific needs. In addition to providing you with a foundation of essential standard coverages, you have the opportunity to select from a variety of optional coverages that are just right for your business.

This commercial insurance program provides coverages tailored to the unique needs of your business. Along with a number of essential standard coverages, the policy offers the opportunity to add a variety of attractive optional coverages.

West Bend's Professional Offices policy provides you with the best coverage for your professional offices.

The Professional Offices program offers a wide variety of coverages that are standard on your policy. These coverages protect your building, as well as your business personal property and equipment. Coverage for liability and associated defense costs are essential for your business. The policy provides a wide variety of coverages needed to protect your business.

Optional Coverages. In addition to the many standard coverages already included on the SMARTbusiness policy, you have the opportunity to enhance your insurance program with an abundance of optional coverages that provide even greater protection.

Today's business owners rely on technology. In fact, technology is often the circulatory system of a business; without it, many couldn't survive. You've likely made a substantial investment in your computer, phone, and other systems that help your business operate efficiently. Fortunately, SMARTbusiness offers many special coverages just for these technology-related exposures, including Electronic Data Liability, Computer Fraud, and Funds Transfer Fraud.

To design an insurance program that's right for your professional offices, please contact NRI.

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